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Located throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, our pain doctors are devoted to pain management.

At RelievUS, our mission is clear: to provide exceptional, patient-centered care that focuses on reducing pain, improving function, and enhancing your overall well-being. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of medical expertise, compassion, and innovation in pain management and wellness.


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Welcome to Relievus Pain Management

At Relievus, pain doctors are devoted to the art of pain management: diagnosing, managing, and treating chronic pain conditions and neurological disorders. We treat symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, chronic pain, shoulder pain, work injuries, and headaches. Our clinics are located throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


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If you or someone you care about are suffering from pain, you probably want to know as much as possible about your condition. We have built an extensive library to help you understand what hurts.

Relievus Treatments

We are the first stop in functional restoration for people in pain, providing comprehensive and integrated pain management and partnering with a patient’s other healthcare providers to serve as the pain specialists.

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We are trusted partners for
healthcare practitioners and other professionals who refer patients to us, who count on Relievus to deliver quality care with heart-felt compassion and to make your patient the center of everything we do.

Our Mission

At Relievus, we are a team of physicians and pain specialists devoted to the art of pain management: diagnosing, managing, and treating chronic pain conditions and neurological disorders. We also aim to go beyond treatment of pain by improving your quality of life and productivity.

Trusted by Thousands

“I swear by these guys. If they didn’t help me I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t. It affected me all the way around.”


“Without his help I don’t know what I would do. I would be in a bad bad shape. Dr. Lee’s staff is very nice.”


“Very nice people and doctors thoroughly explained the options I had for my lower back pain.”


“Great care, no wait time or overbooked waiting rooms. Very clean office and super friendly staff always a good experience.”


“Been with them a few months highly recommended very professional”


Understanding Your Personalized Pain Management Plan at RelievUS

When you're dealing with chronic pain, it's essential to have a comprehensive and tailored approach to treatment. At RelievUS, we understand that every patient is unique, and that's why we emphasize the importance of an Individualized Plan of Care.

Exploring the Many Faces of Pain: Understanding Different Types of Pain

Explore the many facets of pain and gain insights into its various types. From nociceptive to neuropathic, chronic to acute, and even psychogenic pain, discover how RelievUS offers personalized solutions for effective pain management and relief. Get expert guidance from our pain doctors today.

Road to Recovery: Treating Pain After an Automobile Accident

Discover effective strategies for treating pain after an automobile accident. From common injuries like whiplash to comprehensive pain management approaches, our guide from RelievUS offers insights to help you on your road to recovery. Contact our expert pain doctors and take the first step toward pain relief today.